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Why I Chose Falkirk…

There’s still time for you to send us a paragraph of approximately 150 words with a picture (if possible!) about why you chose Falkirk for the chance to win a money can’t buy VIP experience at the Falkirk Stadium. Bairns boss, Peter Houston will read through the entries and select his favourite as his winner.

Our special money can’t buy prize includes:

  • Exclusive access to watch a first team training session.
  • The chance to meet the players and management staff.
  • Lunch at the Westfield Lounge courtesy of the club.

Email your entries to media@falkirkfc.co.uk and keep your eyes peeled to see if yours makes it onto our website and social media channels!


My love affair started in the 93/94 season when I had just turned eight. My dad took me along to my first game, choosing my local team as opposed to the Rangers upbringing that was forced upon him. Living in Grangemouth surprisingly (or not!) I was the only Falkirk supporter in my school class. I used to love getting the strip on and wearing it with pride.

My first game I remember him saying I was more interested in the pigeons flying under the old Main Stand roof than the actual game itself. He persevered and a few games later I was hooked. A great league winning season to start, Richie Cadette being the hero.

I have been a season ticket holder since, attending both home and away. I’ve also managed to encourage both my young daughters to come along. My mother also attends all games and is as diehard as they come, with our old bench from the main stand now a seat in her garden.

My dad passed away in 2008 and if there is one thing I will always be grateful to him for is his decision on choosing Brockville and making me a Bairn.


I grew up in Coatbridge where you were either a Celtic or Rangers fan, but moving through to the central region and having my own family who are football mad made me realise there is more to Scottish football ball than the big Glasgow two.

My oldest boy joined a Falkirk Community Team aged 8 and we started to get more and more involved in the club, we were given tickets to watch the first team and from then onwards we were hooked.

We started with 2 season tickets and now have ended up with 6, the whole family covering 3 generations all got in on the act. I love the fact the club gets involved at lots of different levels and my youngest 2 are in the Junior Bairns and get great access to meet the team, Peter and his coaching staff a few times each year which the kids love and the players make really special.

Supporting your local club and getting everyone involved is what football should be about. There are lows but you back your team each and every week and ours have given us some amazing highs of late. Love the Navy Blue, so excited for the new season to start!


My dad took me to my first match about 50 years ago with my uncles and I was instantly hooked.

My ‘Falkirk’ family has grown rapidly since then.  I still go with my dad but meet up with so many others who I would not know if it wasn’t for our passion for this wonderful football club.

We are a friendly, welcoming club and the atmosphere, although not a patch on old Brockville, shows the passion we display for our team.


I haven’t been a Bairn for long but I love it, I’m so proud to support my home team. My dad told me all about his days watching Falkirk at Brockville.

I wasn’t really into football until my Dad asked if I wanted to go to a game with him . It was a amazing experience. The biggest game I went to was the Scottish Cup Final and I loved it, we didn’t win but the boys tried their hardest.

I have been a session ticket holder for a year with may more to come and I will keep following Falkirk. I now travel to all home game and most away game.

I love spending my Saturday watching the boys in Navy Blue!


My first Falkirk game was of course a Dunfermline match at home. Since then the fans and just the passion for Falkirk has been immense. It’s like a rollercoaster that you can’t get off… Cup Final, wins and losses, no matter what ‘Once a Bairn, Always a Bairn! COYB!


My father took me to my first game – Falkirk v Rangers at Brockville.

I’ve experienced highs, lows, jubilation and heartbreak since. With Falkirk it’s a rollercoaster but you never want to get off.  The fans, players and club are one unity.

That’s why I became a Bairn. My wife and daughter recently got their first season tickets too… a new generation.


John took me to my first Bairns game in Jan 1971. The game finished 3-3 and I remember Jim Shirra scoring.

I remember John came from Bo’ness. I though Falkirk were very dirty – especially Alex Ferguson, so ended up supporting Dundee that day.

I did get dragged by my dad to another game then I saw the light. George Gibson, John Markie, Dennis Setterington, Tiger Mclaughlin, Wilson Hoggan, Tom Yoiung, Alex Totten, Bobby Ford, George Miller, Stuart Rennie, Gregor Abel, thankfully I stuck with them and then I was hooked.

A lifetime of disappointments with some awesome joyous moments. Dunfermiline (balloon day – at East End Park). Promotion to Premiership 1986 v East Fife. Jimmy Gilmour scoring winner to keep bairns up at Parkhead. The awesome Crawford Baptie – God bless the man – he even sent me a birthday card which I still have and I got a name check on the tannoy. Kevin McCallister, Scott McKenzie, Russel Latapy, Pedro Moutinio, and then GOD came to visit us – Simon Stainrod. Need I say any more?


My Dad wanted me to support Hearts, but all my mother’s side were Falkirk die-hards.

My first game was against Aberdeen in early sixties and got hooked, we did get beat, but my first question afterwards was when the next game was and could I go back?

Why, it’s my local team and when the Navy Blue comes out of the tunnel, I still get a lump in my throat and I feel I am playing with the team, even as a supporter every week.

I feel so proud of our team and have seen them in Europe, it was best day of my life.
Last day at Kilmarnock our supporters even in defeat made me so proud, so I follow the boys in Navy Blue and wear the colours and always say to anyone:-
” I am a Falkirk Supporter”

My two boys in the team photo, that’s what supporting your home team is all about as, they follow our family tradition.


I was born in Falkirk Royal on 5th September 1967. My family are all from Falkirk and my Dad, Lachlan Jackson and my Uncles Peter and John also both Jacksons are still massive Falkirk fans. Uncle John has a brick on the wall up the stadium.

My Dad and my uncle Peter swore if Falkirk sold Alex Parker that was them, no more Falkirk, both having been at the 1957 cup final. It happened. I recall my Dad several years latter taking my brother and me to see East Stirlingshire at Firs Park but his heart was always at Brockville and he took my brother and me to Brockville after that on numerous occasions.

I’ve travelled the country and lived in places such as Doncaster and Aberdeen. (I’m a closet Doncaster Rovers fan along with my Wife and Son and incidentally would love to see them play at Westfield against Falkirk but I’d be in the Falkirk end).

Sadly my Dad died in 2008 however my Uncles Peter and John are still with us.

My son Craig, who was born in 2003 in Stirling, got interested in playing football when he was around 5. Where do we go? I started looking around and my first port of call was Falkirk FC. They ran sessions at Stirling Uni on a Saturday morning, Craig still plays for Falkirk 2003’s

We live in Alloa and Craig attended Sunnyside Primary School and he was coming home with all this Celtic and Rangers nonsense and that was that…  Our first game was the Falkirk V Inverness Caley game where we won 4 – 1. After the first Falkirk goal Craig was shouting “Come on Falkirk score another one!”, and we did. The guy in front of us said to him “Keep shouting son it’s working!”

Next I got him and his sister shares in Falkirk FC.

Start of the next season three season tickets for Falkirk were bought and we were hooked, the other one was for his sister Rebecca although that only lasted a season.

Just renewed our season tickets although now Craig is 13. I’ve got to pay, however money well spent for an afternoon in heaven.

I’ve met loads of great people and it is the “Falkirk Family.” Great club, great place and more importantly, great people.

Been through some lows however the highs cancel them out many times over. That’s why I love Falkirk FC, never a dull moment, (remember the Mark Miller goal). Craig also got Jamie McDonalds glove thrown to him at Hampden.

So proud to be a Bairn and more so, proud to be a Falkirk FC Bairn. We are the Steeple!

Could ramble on about Falkirk and would love too. As a place and a team.


I didn’t really have an option in my choice of teams to follow. My father, Alec Harley, was a season ticket holder for many years up until his death in 1985.

He started taking me along to matches when I was about 7 or 8 years old – happy memories of the old ‘boys’ enclosure at the Hope Street end of the marvellously atmospheric Brockville Park ground! This would have been in the late 1950’s onwards.

However the real clincher came when I discovered that my name sake (and almost certainly my ancestor) had played as a defender for Falkirk in the 1880’s!

So what other club could I support?


Peering over the barrier in the South Enclosure as a six year old brought up on a diet of Stuart Kennedy (one of our own) bombing on from right back and the rest is history #Bairnfor45YearsandCounting


For my family, choosing Falkirk was the ONLY choice they would ever make.

Me, dad and his dad before him all supported Falkirk.  English born, Papa was a cross country champion with Falkirk Harriers in the 1930s and supported the Bairns.

Dad took me to matches from the age of four in 1956. That was the start of a 59-year love affair with the Navy Blue for me.

Dad has been gone now for 18 years but his spirit lives on beside me, moving from seats C3 and 4 in the stand at Brockville to South Stand at TFS.

When I look down that row there’s not just my dad at my side, but my husband, daughter, son in law and four grandchildren from 5 to 17.

I kept my promise not to let my family slip away elsewhere.  Like me, if you cut them open they would bleed the navy blue. It’s family.


I am of German decent, but I call Scotland my home.  It is my home.  I’ve lived in London, Isle of Skye, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and now Falkirk.  I’d never chosen a football team (other than Germany in international competitions) until Falkirk.

My fiancé and step-son are Bairns.  I was dragged along and from day one, I was hooked. Frustrating, exhilarating, heart-breaking and ecstatic in their triumph.

Falkirk brings every emotion.  The overriding one though, is pride.  Never doubt the Falkirk Bairns and NEVER bet against them.  I am proud to sing my heart out in the South stand and every away game: “We’re Blue! We’re White!!”


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