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Disabled Supporters

Advice and Facilities for Disabled Supporters

Car Parking

Home support

There are specially designated areas of car park, controlled by stewards adjacent to disabled access points. Please contact the club before the start of the season so that you can be issued with a pass for these car parks and information as to how to find them on arrival.

For a one off match attendance, please contact us well in advance and we will try to find suitable parking for you, or arrange a “drop off” pass. For games where high attendance figures are anticipated, a “drop off” pass may be the only option at short notice.

Visiting support

Please contact your own club who will advise us here at Falkirk of your name and your carers name, stewards will arrange parking to the rear of the north stand. Please be aware that for games where high attendance figures are anticipated you may need to be dropped off with your carer, and the driver of the vehicle asked to park in the away car park areas. Wherever possible stewards will try to accommodate your needs provided your club has advised us of your name and carers name in advance.

Physically and/or mentally disabled supporters.

Immediately in front of each set of turnstiles at each event will be steward in a Hi-visibility yellow jacket who can direct you to the disabled access for the section of the stand that your ticket is valid for. Stewards at these gates can give assistance and guidance and direct you to the area specifically designed for physically disabled supporters and advice on the nearest disabled toilet facility to your seat.

Please be advised that carers accompanying disabled supporters who are children or young persons must be adults over the age of 18. This is to ensure the safety of disabled youngsters during the event and in the event of an emergency situation.

Physically disabled supporters must not access seats in the main stand, other than in designated disabled areas for their own safety, as exiting in an emergency could be difficult and could expose the disabled person to unacceptable delays and risk.

Visually impaired supporters

Visually impaired supporters must be accompanied at all times by an able adult (over 18 years), to ensure their safety in an emergency where exit may be by a different route to that of entry or during a normal exit from the stadium.

If you would like a match commentary headset, please advise the club prior to your arrival and they will advise where these will be issued to you. Please note, that specific seats in the Main Stand will be issued to you by our Ticketing Manager. 

Severely Hearing impaired supporters

Supporters with severe hearing impairment must be accompanied by an able adult (over 18 years). This is to ensure safety during any emergency event when instructions will be given verbally over the public address system, by loudhailer or attending stewards.

Questions or help?

If you have any questions or require advice or support to enable you to enjoy the event, please contact us at the club and we will be very pleased to assist and advise you.

Contact the club on 01324 624121