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Unacceptable Conduct

Falkirk Football Club Unacceptable Conduct Policy

Falkirk Football Club wants to promote a good atmosphere at its home matches where all supporters can enjoy their football. This is achieved working in conjunction with Central Scotland Police.

The club is proud of its fans, their passion for their team and their good behaviour.

This is a published statement on how we would deal with unacceptable conduct.

What is unacceptable conduct?

Sectarian, bigoted, homophobic, racist or sexist behaviour, whether it be communicated by chanting, displaying offensive material or shouting;
Aggressive or violent behaviour;
Abusive language.

What will we do about it?

Stewards and police are aware of this policy. Stewards are responsible for breaches of ground regulations and the police are responsible for law and order. Both work together closely to enforce ground regulations and will eject and or arrest. Where necessary the police will press for criminal charges against the perpetrator;
The club will consider how to react to cases of unacceptable behaviour on an individual basis, irrespective of whether or not charges have been brought, or if a conviction has been imposed;
The club reserves the right to take whatever action it deems appropriate. This may include exclusion from the stadium for a set period of time, or permanently.

Who is bound by this policy?

Everyone who enters the stadium on a matchday;
All employees and volunteers of the club at all times when discharging their duties for the club.

What about my rights?

The club will not take any action lightly. We will inform anyone who falls foul of these guidelines exactly why action who has been taken, and precisely what the penalty is;
There will be an automatic right of appeal in all cases where the club takes action against a supporter. The appeal panel will be made up of three people: a representative of the club, a representative of the supporter and an independent expert appointed by agreement of both sides.