We live in Singapore and have been Junior Bairns since we were born, our Nana and Grandpa are Falkirk fans and soon had us supporting the club.

This summer our Nana arranged for us to visit the stadium because we were in Scotland on holiday. We arrived at The Falkirk Stadium and met Kieran and then Sarah and Connor who looked after us and showed us round.

The stadium was bigger than we expected and really cool. We got to go out to the pitch to shoot penalties. The pitch was very good and didn’t hurt us when we fell.

We saw lots of photos on the wall and Chloe’s favourite photo was of Craig Sibbald. Jack really liked the sign that said ‘Be Brave, Be Seen, Be Winners.”

Jack thinks that’s a good way to remember to do your best.

Jack rates his visit as 10/10 and he hopes the club raises the money for the fourth stand so he can see it next time he comes. Chloe rates the visit the highest number ever!

We want to say thank you to everyone that we met and who made this such a special visit.

Love Jack and Chloe White (Singapore).