Falkirk Football Community Foundation, the charity arm of Falkirk Football Club, and Woodlands Community Sports Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Community Asset Transfer of Woodlands Games Hall & Pitch has been completed.

The new community enterprise has secured the future of the town centre location which was in severe need of refurbishment following many years of use. Thanks to an initial £200,000 grant investment a brand new 3G pitch has been installed, along with upgrades to floodlighting, fencing and equipment. A further £200,000 grant has been secured to modernise and upgrade the Games Hall building.

The upgrades have also secured the future of the games hall and pitch for the long-term provision of physical education at Comely Park Primary School, who utilise the facilities during term time. This will provide a new venue for delivery of Falkirk Foundation’s Community Football programme and give a modern and openly-accessible facility for a range of sporting and community users in the Falkirk area.

Children of Comely Park Primary School joined together with players from Falkirk Football Club and local officials to celebrate the re-launch of the facility at an event earlier today with an official opening ceremony taking place, followed by an extraordinary game of football which saw five Falkirk FC players take on over 70 school children in the biggest match to be played on the new pitch.

Craig Campbell, Chief Executive of Falkirk Football Club & Falkirk Football Community Foundation said: “This is a brilliant example of true partnership between the local council and the local community, working for the benefit of local children. We are delighted to have been able to help deliver this exciting facility for the community in Falkirk.

“The launch of this fantastic new facility in the heart of Falkirk Town Centre has already proved extremely popular and we are really excited to watch the continued progress and development of this community enterprise.

“We hope that this project will act as a blueprint for future community asset transfers throughout Scotland and, particularly, those that might involve other professional football clubs. There is no doubt from the enjoyment had by hundreds of children at today’s launch event that there is a real benefit in councils, communities and stakeholders coming together to create something special like this in areas up and down the country.”

Gail McEwan, Joint Chair of Comely Park Parent Council added: “On behalf of Comely Park Parent Council and Woodlands Community Sports, I would like to thank each and every person who has contributed over many months to securing the future of Woodlands Games Hall and Pitch. I am so proud of what we have all achieved and now look forward to seeing the Games Hall transformed in coming months.

It is a joy to see the pitch and now Games Hall being used by so many fantastic local organisations. We have created an outstanding facility to be used by the whole community for years to come.”