Falkirk FC is delighted to announce our continued nutrition partnership with specialist football nutrition providers, Soccer Supplement. 

The partnership continues into a second season having been first introduced by Falkirk FC Fitness Coach, Tom Ritchie at the midway point of last season.

Soccer Supplement work directly with the players, coaches, sports scientists, nutritionists and doctors at elite clubs on product development and research. They have extensively researched the impact of nutrients, ingredients, formula combinations and dosages and how they can positively influence performance on the pitch.

The players will continue to benefit from Soccer Supplement’s specialist nutrition products throughout the season ahead.

Falkirk FC Fitness Coach, Tom Ritchie, said: “The intensity of football training sessions and competitive games has increased over the years. Therefore we work harder, we sweat more and we lose essential electrolytes in our sweat.

“The Soccer Supplement products allow us to replace the electrolytes lost and therefore eliminate the potential for muscles cramping. In today’s modern game these products are invaluable.”

Mark Britton, Soccer Supplement Commercial Director said: “We are really happy to be working with Falkirk again, I have a softspot for the club as they’re my boyhood local team!

“I am looking forward to what will be a successful season I’m sure, and more thrilling football. It’s a partnership we’re proud of and want to last a long time.”

Jordan McGhee, added: “Before Tom provided Soccer Supplement products to our training sessions and and games I used to suffer with cramp. Now I don’t get cramp either in training or on matchdays. I have felt a huge benefit since the introduction of these products.”