Please see below the following messages issued by Margaret Lang, Kenny Jamieson and David White following last night’s Fan Ownership Open Forum… 


Dear Supporter,

In November Craig Campbell and I met with Kenny Jamieson and David White to see whether a model of fan/community ownership could be found for the football club that might be attractive to both the broader supporter base  and the current major shareholders.

A key aim of this work would be to progress towards majority ownership by the supporters of the club. And also to identify new and ongoing sources of capital for direct investment into the First Team and  the club as opposed to buying out or repaying existing major shareholders which tends to have been the model at other clubs.

Since then there has been significant progress and last night over 120 supporters attended an open forum to listen to a presentation by Kenny where he outlined how they might get involved.  As a direct result of the presentation last night  over 250 pledges have been received, that is a great start.

Please see message below from Kenny together with downloadable slides from his presentation and a Q&A.

Margaret Lang



Dear Supporter,

Many thanks to those of you who attended last night’s open forum to discuss the Fan Ownership proposal. If you were unable to attend last night, this e-mail explains what happens next.

In summary, the goal is to raise £800,000 to purchase 2.4m shares in Falkirk FC. This will reduce the current major shareholders holding from 62% to 31% and enable fans to have a greater say in how the club is run. Perhaps more importantly all of the money will be retained within the club and used to bolster the playing budget, with the objective of getting us back to the Premiership. There will be two types of shares – ‘A’ shares for ‘Patrons’ which require lump-sum investments of £5000 or more, and ‘B’ shares for ‘Supporters’ requiring a monthly investment of £5 or more for at least two years.

For more information, please visit the following links:

It’s essential that we understand the appetite for changing the ownership of Falkirk FC, prior to undertaking the next phase of work. We propose to do this by gathering ‘pledges’ from both Patrons and Supporters. We will only conduct the next phase of work if these pledges give us the confidence that our £800,000 goal can be achieved.

It is therefore imperative that EVERYONE who is likely to invest gives an indicative pledge.

Your pledge is NOT a financial commitment at this stage. However it is important that pledges closely match reality in the event that the Fan Ownership scheme does go ahead.

So please consider carefully how much you would realistically be willing and able to invest as a Patron or Supporter. Please pledge to contribute as much as you can comfortably afford.

If you’d like to pledge to become a Patron, with a lump sum investment of between £5000 and £100,000 please submit your pledges via email to David White on

If you’d like to pledge to become a Supporter, with a monthly investment of at least £5 for two years, please follow visit to pledge your support.

All pledges will be received and retained in the strictest confidence. The deadline for all pledges is the 31st January 2019 but the sooner we can receive them the better.

Once we have collated all pledges we’ll be able to decide whether or not to proceed to the next phase, during which we’ll finalise the share issue and future governance of the Club.

It is therefore acknowledged that all pledges are subject to the satisfactory conclusion of this work for all stakeholders.

If you have any further questions about the proposal please email Kenny Jamieson on

Many thanks for your interest and support so far. This is a crucial time for Falkirk FC and a perfect opportunity to create a better future for our club.

We look forward to receiving your pledges.

Best Regards

Kenny Jamieson & David White