Tomorrow afternoon we welcome Vine Trust to The Falkirk Stadium. They will be hosting a pre match can collection, if you see any of their collectors around the concourse please give what you can. Read below for more information on their work… 

In May 2019, Falkirk Trinity Church is sending a party of 12 volunteers to an area called Kazunzu in the Kagera region on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania.  They are going to participate in a project being run by the Vine Trust, to build an orphanage to house local children who have lost their parents.

The Vine Trust grew out of a charity shop set up in Boness in the 1980s in response to famine in Africa.  One of the local Church of Scotland Ministers relinquished his Ministerial post to work full time for the charity which was funded by local donations.  They have now been in existence for 33 years and operate in 2 countries – Peru and Tanzania.  In these countries they operate medical ships on the Amazon and on Lake Victoria and they build housing for orphans and disadvantaged groups in society.

There are many development charities, but the Vine Trust is different in that whilst it needs funding it is principally a volunteering body.  It wants your money, but more importantly it wants people to volunteer to undertake various tasks.

That is what the volunteers from Falkirk Trinity will be doing.  They will labour for local tradesmen to build one of the homes that will eventually comprise the Village of Hope at Kazunzu. The incidence of malaria among children aged 6 months to 5 years in this region is estimated at 41%.  Approximately 68% of Tanzania’s population live below the poverty line of $2 per day and 16% of children under 5 are malnourished.  There is a great need for this home.

Over the years, ideas of how best to run orphanages have changed.  In the early days, large buildings that could house many children were the norm.  But in this project, there will be a number of homes built, each of which will house around 8 children with a mama to supervise the house.  Each house will have a garden in which they will grow fresh vegetables to supplement their diet.  As well as housing the children, the Village of Hope will have a school and a medical facility, none of which currently exist.

As well as providing their labour, the volunteers undertake to raise funding to purchase the construction materials required to build the houses.  At the present time it costs around £2 500 to send a volunteer to Tanzania for a 2 week stay.  This means the Falkirk Trinity volunteers have some £30 000 to raise to cover the cost of their expedition.

The people of Falkirk have always been generous in helping others in need and we hope we will have your support in raising the money required.  Please help us make this project a reality.