Dear Falkirk supporter,

Please see below the latest update from Kenny Jamieson and David White regarding the fan ownership scheme.

Margaret Lang


Dear Falkirk fan

We write to update you on progress as 31st January was the deadline set for pledges to the scheme.

As you are aware our ultimate goal is to raise £800,000, every penny of which will remain within the club and be used to supplement the playing budget, with the clear objective of gaining promotion to the Premiership. Furthermore the money raised will purchase 2.4 million shares, broadening the shareholder base, re-energising finances and creating more democratic governance of the club.

We said that the next phase of work would only take place if there is sufficient appetite from both Supporters and Patrons. We are pleased to report that 950 Supporters have pledged over  £12,000 per month for two years and a further 30 fans have pledged £300,000 to become Patrons, making a total of almost £600,000.

These pledges, in such a short period, are very encouraging and are sufficient for us to confirm that we will commit to carrying out the next phase of work. This is to seek agreement on the future governance of the club and a transition plan towards it, while also working with the club on the share issue and asset protections. Indeed we have already commenced this work and a proposal is now with the MSG and Board for their consideration. We will also be consulting with pledged Patrons and, subject to an agreement being reached, with Supporters thereafter.

It is anticipated that this process will take several weeks so please bear with us in the interim. Subject to the agreement of all parties, our aim remains to have the scheme approved by shareholders at an EGM in April and launched by May, so funds can be raised in plenty time to supplement the playing budget for next season.

In the meantime Supporter pledges can still be made at

If you’d like to pledge to be a Patron please email David White on

If you’d like more information on the scheme or have any questions please email Kenny Jamieson on

Many thanks for your support so far. We will keep you updated in due course.

Kenny Jamieson & David White