Aidan Laverty spoke on the ACL injury he suffered last year in his right knee, and the long fight back to fitness he faces.

The young attacker had the operation on his leg at the start of January, and everything is going fine so far:

“It’s going well, I’m a few weeks post-op, and everything’s going alright. I’m getting some mobility in it and the swelling is down so it’s going pretty well. It’s still looking to be 9-12 months before I’m back to full fitness though, so it’s going to be a long road.

Despite all that has been going on around the football club, Aidan says the older and more experienced players around the club have supported him in his injury, offering advice and trying to make sure he gets through it:

“All of them have been really good with me.  I’m glad that the operation is now done and I can focus on recovery. The rest of the squad have all been brilliant with me I can’t thank them enough, giving me tips and stuff to try and get back and recovering.”

Aidan, who signed his first professional contract with the club in August 2017, has been a key figure for both our Development and Reserve squads over the last few years, and was pushing his way onto the first team bench when he suffered his injury.

He finished by discussing the importance of not getting down and keeping his head up through his injury:

“I’ve just got to remain positive, that’s what a lot of the more experienced players who have suffered major injuries have said is the biggest thing. If I’m down in the dumps I’m not really going to get anywhere, so I need to stay positive. I’m quite a happy guy so hopefully that won’t be a problem.”