Following various reports online, we wish to take the opportunity to update our supporters on exactly where we are in terms of fan ownership and further investment into the club.

The final draft Fan Ownership Proposal was presented to the Board of Directors on 28th March. Conversation is currently ongoing at board level and with the Major Shareholders Group in relation to this.

In the meantime, the Board of Directors have been approached by other potential investors in the club and one of these may offer a structure that would sit alongside the fan ownership investment. We need to take time to fully understand these further potential investment proposals and it would be wrong of us to compromise this process in any way. Due diligence and investigations must be carried out on all of these proposals and meetings must take place with the relevant parties to understand their thoughts and plans for the future of the club.

We expect that this will take a few weeks at which time we will be able to make a proper considered decision on the best way forward for the club.  The short, medium and long term sustainability, investment and ownership of the club will be the key factors taken into consideration and we would like to re-assure any supporter concerned by perceived delays to the fan ownership proposal that this has been done with the very best intentions of the club moving forward.

Margaret Lang