As you are all aware there remains a great deal of uncertainty on when football will restart, and when we will be able to get back to the Falkirk Stadium. The club are conscious that due to the premature ending of the 2019/20 season those who have purchased season tickets have paid for and seen four less home games than they should have.

We have taken our time to consider the options available to compensate you and have decided to keep it simple. The club are now offering a refund to the value of the unused portion of season tickets for those who wish to receive it. We would like you to consider this carefully however as our calculations indicate that if every season ticket holder were to seek a refund this would cost the club around £90,000. At a time when income into the club is very limited and the return date of football remains unclear, this is a significant amount of money.

We are extremely grateful to those supporters who have already said they do not want a refund. However, as a club that values our role within the community, we recognise that not all season ticket holders may be in the financial position to forego a refund – especially at a time when the pandemic has had a profound impact upon people’s jobs and income.

We want to stand by those supporters at this difficult time, and hope that as many of you as possible can continue to support Falkirk FC as you have done so many times over the years. These are difficult times for all of us and the club needs all of the support we can give it.

Can any season ticket holder who wishes to apply for a refund contact Kieran Koszary via email on by Friday 5th June 2020 and to provide their name, season ticket number and a contact telephone number.

We had promised supporters that we would return before the end of May with further clarity on season tickets for the 2020/21 season. However, for those of you following matters, I am sure you will agree that there remains considerable uncertainty around when football will return and in what format.

In light of this, the club has decided to hold off on making any announcements on season ticket packages until matters are clearer. We feel it would be unfair on supporters to ask them to hand over hard earned money when the return date of football remains beyond the club’s control. 

We are however looking at other ways in which you can financially support the club during this time in addition to the virtual 50/50 and sponsorship packages that have proven very successful.

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