Board Update – 15 June 2020


The outcome of today’s vote of SPFL clubs will have come as no surprise to Falkirk supporters.  As we’ve sadly come to expect in Scottish football, self-interest has won the day and the voices of common sense and reform have been drowned out.


As many of you will know, Falkirk Football Club have been heavily engaged in recent discussions and I, as Chairman, committed a great deal of time and energy to negotiations with the SPFL, our league representatives and with other clubs.  We voted for today’s proposals and there are many others with the appetite for reform but not in enough numbers to affect the change that our game so badly needs.


So where does this leave us?  My previous statements have made clear my thoughts on the SPFL, the conduct of some clubs and the processes which have led us to this position.  I can see no benefit in repeating those criticisms now.   In my view it is time to look forward rather than continue to bang our heads off this particular wall.


So let’s be clear – Falkirk Football Club is ready, willing and able to return to competitive football action in October which looks to be the earliest point when this will be possible.  We have expressed that sentiment in no uncertain terms to the SPFL and would urge them to find a format that allows Falkirk, and other teams who are able, to play football in October.


Our focus remains on ensuring that the club emerges from these difficult times in a strong position and ready to meet the challenges ahead.  As you will have seen we have already started making difficult but necessary changes to our squad and that process will continue as our management team return from furlough in due course.  We are delighted that Lee and David will be with us next season and this will be formalised when they return.


I know the tremendous backing that you’ve offered the club so far will continue and I believe we can look forward together with great optimism when the storm clouds around Scottish football disappear.


Many of you will have numerous questions and we are exploring how to deliver a virtual Q&A session where we will try to address as many of these as we can but also update you on other developments at the club.  Stay tuned to the club website and social media feeds for further information.


In the meantime, thank you again for your support and we remain hopeful that we’ll see each other back at the Falkirk Stadium soon.

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