The Board would like to express our thanks to all fans who attended the meeting in Behind the Goals last night.

An open, honest and on-going dialogue between directors and supporters is essential to the new culture we are all determined to create at our Club.

Thanks too to Falkirk Supporters’ Society for organising the event and for giving us the opportunity to listen to fans’ hopes and concerns, as well as explain our vision for the Club in terms of ownership and governance.
We firmly believe that balanced ownership is essential to safeguard and sustain the Club into the future.

This involves creating more balanced ownership between large, medium and small shareholders, plus democratic governance which reflects this new ownership structure.
The make-up of the new Board already reflects this model, where no group has overall control, the voice of fans is strongly heard and decisions are made via collaboration and consensus.

The recent investment from the Patrons Group has significantly increased fan ownership in the medium range, but it is critical that supporters now also take the opportunity to strengthen fan ownership amongst small shareholders.
We therefore strongly support the efforts of Falkirk Supporters’ Society to build its membership and to ensure that the voice of small shareholders is always well represented on the Club’s board. We would therefore encourage all fans to sign up for membership of FSS, and to invest in their plan for increasing fan ownership of our Club. For details please follow this link:


Finally, we’d like to thank all supporters for the warm welcome and good wishes we’ve received, which has been very much appreciated. Our first week has been fairly busy but there’s lots more to be done in the coming weeks and months. Rest assured we’re determined to turn our Club around both on and off the park, but we can only do it together. If we all continue to pull in the same direction we can all make a positive contribution towards rebuilding our Club.

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