The Crunchie Initiative are offering you an opportunity to forever be associated with a piece of Falkirk history.

As you will hopefully know, the club has agreed to rebrand the South Stand, the Kevin McAllister Stand, in honour of our Player of the Millennium: Kevin ‘Crunchie’ McAllister.

This will be the first time in it’s existence that the club will name a stand to honour one of its own.
As part of this inaugural event we are offering you the chance to have your name, group or business ‘sponsor a letter for life’ on one of our 3 Kevin McAllister Stand signs, which are due to be installed mid-June.
With your continued support, we are looking to form a legacy and put it towards a project with a real community benefit to a section of our fan base.
We’ve had preliminary discussions with the club and with their support we are looking at the potential to create a sensory centre within the stadium, that will allow fans with autism and other requirements enjoy matches in a purpose built environment. We are currently investigating the feasibility of this idea but with your help we look to generate around £15,000 to fund this project.
For your sponsorship money you shall receive your name on a permanent sponsors board, to be housed in the entrance to Behind the Goals. You shall also get your name, group or business laminated on the back of the actual letter; a miniature letter made from the offcuts; a photograph(to be arranged) with you and the letter before it is installed alongside Alex Totten( if available) and a certificate verifying your purchase.
We only have a few weeks in which to sell all of these letters in order to allow the required works to be completed.
Letters are £500 for the back Wall, £250 for the gable end and £100 for the bar sign. This is a list of what is remaining…
Large back wall – S, T, E- S, T, A, N, D
Medium gable end – I – L, L –  N
Small bar sign – V, I – L –  T, N
We are currently auctioning the K and M for the back wall and Gable End. Bidding for the Back Wall ends at 15:13 and 15:24 today(Friday 6th May) and again during mid afternoon on Monday the 9th of May.
The links for the auction are as follows:
Large K
Large M
The K and M for the bar sign are being raffled with the draw to be held live on the Crunchie Initiative Facebook page at 7pm on the 12th of May. To buy tickets please contact
As you will see from the photographs attached, the letters are already in production for the unveiling. That is likely to be with a friendly on the 24th of June. With your help we can make this a great occasion, raise much needed funds for the club and leave a legacy of the campaign with a community project to benefit a section of the Bairns support.
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