An ambitious project to digitise Falkirk FC’s historic Board of Directors minute books has been launched by the Falkirk Football Heritage Trust. On the completion of the project the minute books, covering seasons 1917/18 through to 1977/78, will be made available to a world-wide audience via the web.

Alan Brown from Falkirk Football Heritage Trust explained the background to the project:

“Comprising 10 volumes spanning 60 seasons the minute books give a fascinating insight into both the history of Falkirk FC and, more generally, football in Scotland during the 20th Century. 

The minute books were discovered hidden behind a false wall during the demolition of Brockville in 2003 and were thrown into a skip for disposal. Tragically, they would have been lost forever had it not been for a passer-by, realising their historic significance, contacting club historian Michael White who made a mad dash to Brockville to rescue them. 

The books were placed in storage under the Kevin McAllister Stand at the Falkirk Stadium however a recent inspection revealed that mould and damp were present and the books were beginning to deteriorate. This triggered our decision to have the books digitised to ensure that the contents were preserved for future generations of Bairns fans. 

The first stage of the project involved HD quality scans being taken of each of the approximately 3000 pages of minutes. Having successfully completed this stage we are now ready to move onto the final, but most daunting, stage of the project which will involve the transcribing of each page and producing text files to accompany the scanned images.

Work has started on transcribing the minutes of the 1917/18 season and several fascinating items have already come to light. These include correspondence with Chelsea FC regarding the transfer of players to the London club and match details of games played by Falkirk against now defunct clubs such as Third Lanark, St Bernards and Kings Park. On a lighter note the minutes also record a letter received from a Mrs Walker asking for permission to graze her cow on the field at Brockville!”

To achieve our target of having the first volume of minutes, covering the period from January 1918 through to July 1924, published early next year we are appealing for any fans who wish to help in transcribing the minutes to get in touch with the Trust by either emailing us at  ffhtdigitisation@gmail.com or alternatively by completing the contact form on our website at: www.falkirkfootballheritagetrust.wordpress.com

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