While there’s still lots to play for this season, it’s that time of year where we must start to look to next season and beyond.

As explained at the recent AGM we need to move to a more sustainable operating model, so cannot plan for large annual losses without knowing in advance that they can be safely covered. Our costs will also inevitably rise next year, due to high inflationary pressures.

As a result, both our gate and season ticket prices will have to increase from next season. In considering the new prices we have tried to balance a number of factors, including inflation rates, which league we may be in, and inconsistencies in the current pricing structure between ticket types.

The new prices below will be guaranteed for a minimum of two seasons, and will apply whether we are in League One, the Championship or Premiership.

Once again, we will offer a discount for all Early Bird purchases before the end of June, plus the option to pay in three interest-free instalments for any supporters who may find this more manageable than a single lump sum.

We are also delighted to announce that we’ll continue to offer FREE season tickets to all kids under 12 for at least the next two seasons, with thanks to our Community Matchday Partner Your Equipment Solutions.  

As notified, from next season onwards we’re also hoping to raise extra funds to directly supplement the football budget, and there are two ways in which fans can support this initiative – either by subscribing to the Falkirk Supporters’ Society (FSS) or by donating to the Forever Falkirk Fund (FFF).

In both cases the minimum is £10 per month for at least 12 months, and all funds will go straight into the football budget for season 2023/24. All fans committing to FSS and/or FFF by the end of May, will have the option of also paying for their season ticket in 12 monthly instalments.

For Seasons 2023/24 and 2024/25 prices will be as follows:

Stand/Ticket Type Gate Price Full Price ST Early Bird ST* Per Month (12M)**
Prime Adult £23.00 £356.00 £336.00 £28.00
Prime Concession £18.00 £296.00 £276.00 £23.00
Prime Under 18 £13.00 £224.00 £204.00 £17.00
Prime Under 12 FREE FREE FREE
Main Adult £21.00 £296.00 £276.00 £23.00
Main Concession £16.00 £200.00 £180.00 £15.00
Main Under 18 £11.00 £140.00 £120.00 £10.00
Main Under 12 FREE FREE FREE
KM Adult £20.00 £272.00 £252.00 £21.00
KM Concession £15.00 £176.00 £156.00 £13.00
KM Under 18 £10.00 £116.00 £96.00 £8.00

*Available to 30th June 2023

**Available to 31st May 2023 for FSS members and FFF donors only. Terms and conditions apply.


With immediate effect fans can sign-up to donate to the Forever Falkirk Fund here.

Fans can also continue to subscribe to Falkirk Supporters’ Society here.

Season Tickets will go on sale on Monday 1st May at Early Bird prices, which will run until 30th June.

Details on renewal options will be published soon, but fans should be aware that we will not be posting out paper-based season ticket renewal packs this year, to help control our costs for next season.

Until 30th June fans who wish to pay for their Season Ticket in three equal instalments can register to do so. First payment will be taken immediately with two further payments after one and two months.

From 1st May to 31st May all FSS members and FFF donors can opt to pay for their Season Ticket in 12 monthly instalments. Payments will commence 1st June 2023 and run until 1st May 2024.

Full prices will apply for all Season Tickets from 1st July, with no pay monthly options available.

We’d like to thank every single Falkirk fan for their fantastic support this season. Good progress has been made both on and off the pitch, and if we all continue to pull together and contribute what we can, we can rebuild our club and get back to the Premiership by 2026-27.

Season ticket sales form an integral part of our income every year so we’re hoping that every supporter will want to renew for 2023/24, whichever league we are in. We do appreciate that it’s not a good time to increase ticket prices but trust that fans will appreciate that current economic conditions are also affecting the club and its costs. Please do use the 3-month payment plan if it makes buying your season ticket more manageable.

To those supporters who can perhaps afford a little extra, we’d ask you to consider joining the Falkirk Supporters’ Society and/or donating to the Forever Falkirk Fund. In both cases, all funds committed by the end of May, will go straight into supplementing the football budget for next season.

It’s therefore really important that we all understand that the commitment is for a minimum of 12 months, thereby supporting the budget and team for the whole season. By combining monthly contributions to FSS/FFF with monthly Season Ticket payments, we hope this becomes an affordable option for as many fans as possible.

The bottom line is it’s our club and if we’re going to continue to make fan ownership work, we all need to chip in at a level we can comfortably afford, while doing as much as we possibly can to ensure that no Falkirk fan gets left behind. We will therefore continue to do all we can to help supporters, via initiatives such as subsidised buses and the pay-it-forward ticket scheme.

Thank you once again for your on-going support.

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