Falkirk Football Club recently received a five-figure donation from our partners, The Bairns Business Club, providing vital support to the club in several areas.

The Bairns Business Club offers an opportunity to the business community of Falkirk and the surrounding area to join a growing networking group of like-minded businesspeople, while supporting Falkirk Football Club. All funds raised through the business club go towards projects at Falkirk FC.

Pitch maintenance

Over the summer the club invested just under £300k in a new artificial pitch. As well as being the main pitch for the Falkirk FC first team, the pitch is heavily used by the community with over 70% of its usage being  for community activity including The Falkirk Foundation, the club’s academy teams and other senior teams including the women’s team, Foundation seniors’ team, and Football Fans in Training. The donation from the BBC has enabled the club to purchase a brand-new piece of maintenance equipment, offering a significant upgrade on the current equipment available, which will help the club maintain the quality of the playing surface over its lifetime. The BBC also funded a salt spreader last year, which will help the club prepare for periods of cold weather and give the club a better chance to keep games on during freezing temperatures.

Falkirk TV

This year has seen a lot of change for Falkirk TV, with a new team, a new streaming provider and a fresh new look. This has also resulted in a significant investment in new hardware to support the operation including new laptops and microphones, which have been funded through the BBC donation.


The final area in which the BBC has supported the club for season 2023/24 directly relates to the first team. The donation has been used to sign the club up to a one-year contract for a NordBord, a piece of apparatus which provides a fast and reliable system for testing hamstring strength and imbalance, which can help limit injuries and speed up rehabilitation.


Falkirk FC CEO, Jamie Swinney, commented:

 “The Bairns Business Club is a fantastic partner of Falkirk FC. Every year the organisation provides vital funding to projects which sit over and above our budget, allowing the club to make small but essential improvements in our infrastructure. The BBC is also a great vehicle for networking with local businesses and growing your company’s reputation and presence in the community”.

The Bairns Business Club committee added:

“The Bairns Business Club offers a unique platform for local professionals to connect and network while also supporting our community and Falkirk FC. Our events provide a friendly and sociable environment, and being a member means more than just attending gatherings. It means actively contributing to the club’s success.

“Our financial contributions and equipment purchases are crucial in improving the club’s facilities and supporting its development. Whether it’s upgrading training equipment or backing youth programs, our investments have a direct impact. We understand the importance of a strong football club in our community, and that’s why we’re committed to this cause.

“Our commitment isn’t just about being fans; it’s about playing an active role in Falkirk FC’s future. We see it as our responsibility, and we’re proud to be part of the Bairns Business Club’s efforts to make a difference.”

The main aims are of the business club are:

to raise the profile and support of Falkirk Football Club in the local business’s community
to provide opportunities to network with a range of companies and to promote more working together and supporting each other in our local community.

For more information or to join the Bains Business Club for only £150 per year, please follow the link and complete the short form on the page.!/join_section


The club wishes to place on record its deep gratitude to the BBC committee and all its members for the on-going support and backing.


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