With the 150th Anniversary of Falkirk Football Club now within sight, the Falkirk Football Heritage Trust has announced details of their planned special publications.

A limited edition of the Official History of Falkirk Football Club will be issued in two parts. A special souvenir case will eventually hold the two-volume hardback books and the first volume will be ready on December 18th for those who order copies in advance. Advance orders already have exceeded the 150 mark.

Volume One covers the years from the start of Football in Falkirk up to an including Season 1968-69. The book is in hardback form and is illustrated throughout. It contains new material and is not simply an omnibus edition of previous books. It includes the war years 1914-1918 as well as 1939-1945, a time that is usually passed over in many football books.

Some of the stories are fascinating and include the following:

· The exact location of the first ever football match played in Falkirk.

· The Englishman who played for the Scottish League as a Bairn

· The former Falkirk player who was sentenced to death for murder.

· The day that Falkirk broke the World Transfer Record

· The manager who was suspended for life for alleged “bribery”.

· The game when Falkirk lost a Cup Final on corners.

· The Irish Bairn who played for Ireland and Scotland

· The world’s first ever live televised floodlight match

· The near- disaster day at Brockville

· The day four Falkirk players played three Celtic players on the full-length Brockville pitch.

· The 6-6 draw in the record books

· The Bairn who played for Italy


To order a copy of Volume One please send an e-mail to ffcheritage@gmail.com

or text to 07906 239582


The book runs to nearly 650 pages and is in hardback A4 format. unfortunately, tome and unfortunately postal sales will not be possible due to the high costs of postage or courier delivery.

Volume Two will be printed in time for the 150th anniversary season and those who buy Volume One will receive a voucher entitling them to a £5 discount off the second volume price. Volume 2 will include a special Statistics Supplement covering the entire history of the club so far and the special commemorative box to hold the books. Any profits from the book sales will be going to the Falkirk Football Heritage Trust to help preserve and develop the history and heritage of the club.

For further details of the book launch and arrangements for payment, see the Falkirk Football Heritage Trust web page on and on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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