Falkirk Football Club is delighted to announce a partnership with Maple Clinics Cryotherapy to assist with player recovery and performance.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process of cooling the whole body with extremely cold air in order to elicit positive physiological changes. A typical treatment lasts approximately three minutes and it is often used as a therapeutic treatment for sports injuries, athletic performance and for relief of aches and pains.

Maple Clinics are equipped with Cryoair cryo chambers, the world leaders in electric whole-body cryotherapy. They also have a team of skilled sports therapists and can provide comprehensive body composition analysis, which measures and analyses the components of the body, including fat, muscle, bone, and water content, crucial for understanding an individual’s health and fitness level.

Graeme Henderson, Falkirk FC Head of Performance, said:

“This is another great addition to the sports science and medical provision that we are able to offer the players here at Falkirk Football Club. At this point in the season season and with the upcoming fixture load, I’m sure the use of these facilities will play a role in helping the players to maintain the levels of performance they have shown throughout the season.

“Thank you to the team at Maple Cryotherapy for working with us on this partnership. We look forward to working with them for the remainder of the season and beyond.”

To contact Maple Clinics or find out more, visit their website HERE.

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