Those euphoric celebrations in Montrose will live long in the memory of every Falkirk fan, and were a much-deserved reward for the loyalty we have all shown during five long seasons in League One. 

We now have a squad who play with a passion matched only by those in the stands, and we currently find ourselves on the cusp of a once in a lifetime achievement. Best of all we’ve done it together, in our first two years as a fully fan-owned club.

Now that promotion is secure, we can refocus on our goal of reaching the Premiership by our 150th anniversary in season 2026-27. This gives us two years to get there, and it certainly won’t be easy considering we had nine seasons in the Championship last time round.

We therefore need as many fans as possible to participate in funding our club’s continued growth, and there will never be a better time to get on board than right now.

From 2010 to 2017 player sales generated an extra £400k income per annum, and this enabled us to consistently compete at the top end of the Championship. Even with this extra income we still didn’t make it to the Premiership, which shows how big the challenge is.

Many of the players sold came through our Academy but it will clearly take time until a pipeline of talent can once again be produced. Players like Scott Arfield and Stephen Kingsley, who will not only grace the navy blue but also provide a valuable source of future income.

In the meantime, the challenge facing us is to be able to compete at the top of the Championship next season, while also being in a position to fully reopen our Academy, at the Scottish FA’s Performance Level, the following season.

To succeed will take another massive team effort, and there are a number of ways in which fans can provide essential additional support during this next phase of our rebuild.

  1. Join Falkirk Supporters Society.
  • Almost 900 FSS members currently contribute c. £125k directly into the playing budget and our success this season would simply not have been possible without this funding.
  • This will continue next season, with every new member signing up by 31st May having their full seasons contribution baked into John’s playing budget from 1st
  • Current members may also wish to consider increasing their monthly contribution – recent signings like Dylan Tait were funded by a mix of current and new members.
  • Membership starts at only £10 per month (or £2.31 per week) so, if you can afford this, please join Falkirk Supporters Society here


  1. Become an Academy Patron.
  • This is a new, long-term initiative to help directly fund the Academy, both next season and as we move up to the Performance Level in 2026.
  • From £100 per month or £1000 per annum, donations will also indirectly support the playing budget next season, as funds budgeted for the Academy can be redirected.
  • Academy Patrons may also join the Patrons’ Group. For details, supporters should contact and/or


  1. Pay Extra for your Season Ticket
  • Championship Season Tickets will go on sale from 1st May and, as promised last year, we’re keeping prices at this season’s rates.
  • However, some fans have said they’d be happy to pay more and in the recent fans survey two-thirds of respondents supported the idea of an additional voluntary contribution.
  • Supporters will therefore have the option to buy a Managers Fund Season Ticket, for an extra £60, or add a donation onto a regular-priced ticket, including the free Under 12’s.
  • All extra funds will directly supplement the playing budget, so every fan buying an Early Bird Season Ticket by 31st May can make a direct difference to the squad next season.

We mustn’t underestimate how big a challenge it will be, as a fan-owned club, to reach the Premiership in just two seasons. The last two clubs to win the Championship lost £2.1m and £2.8m respectively, in doing so. We will have to operate as close to breakeven as possible, so the only way to provide additional funds is via such initiatives, over and above normal trading.

The support we have given our club this season has been nothing short of phenomenal. Our reward for this is how we all currently feel – emotions and memories which are priceless and will last forever in our hearts and minds. Now we’re back in the Championship and aiming for the Premiership, let’s do it all over again. Together.