Falkirk Football Club is pleased to announce that Crunchy Carrots, our Front of Shirt Sponsor, has signed on for another season.

Crunchy Carrots will be entering their third season of partnership with the club, having come on board for the 2022/23 season, a campaign which saw their recognisable carrot logo feature on the shirt grab the attention of football fans across the country as John McGlynn’s side embarked on an incredible Scottish Cup run that culminated in a semi-final at Hampden Park.

Thanks to last season’s success, the now famous carrot will go down in Falkirk history, having featured on the 2023/24 kits in Falkirk’s record breaking, invincible, title-winning season.

Ahead of the new season, Crunchy Carrots Managing Director, Scott Henderson, sat down to talk about being a lifelong Bairn, the future of the partnership and the impact it has had on both Crunchy Carrots and the club.



Q: Scott, how did you become a Falkirk FC fan?

A: It was my Dad who first took me through the turnstiles at Brockville, like most kids probably, and Falkirk FC pretty quickly became part of the fabric of my life. From going to Brooksy’s Bar before the game with my dad, to winning the Championship at Clydebank, going to cup finals, and of course last season was epic! 

Q: What’s your journey as a fan been like? 

A: It’s always been a real family passion handed down from my dad, and now that I’m a dad myself, it means the world to bring my boys with me, make extra special memories with them, and watch them fall in love with the team like I did when I was wee. 

“Like fans of teams all over Scotland, there are definitely highs and lows, but clubs like Falkirk are vital to the community, and that’s always been really key for me as well; when I started Crunchy I knew I wanted it to be part of a thriving community, and we still operate like that now. Hardly a day goes by where a client doesn’t drop into the office for a coffee and a blether!

Q: Where does Crunchy Carrots fit into your life as a supporter? 

A: As the owner of Crunchy Carrots, I’m really lucky to be able to blend my professional and personal passions. When our sponsorship was first announced, the question around town was ‘What the f*** is Crunchy Carrots?’ and that’s become a bit of a mantra for the team – and if you pop in for a coffee you’ll see it on our mugs too.

“Partly through our sponsorship we’ve become much more well-known and a local institution, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s been a properly surreal dream for me to see our logo across the players’ chests, around the stadium, and Falkirk as I go through town and see people wearing the carrot.

“There are definite standout moments – seeing the carrot in action for the very first time at the launch of the Kevin McAllister Stand against Kilmarnock was a dream come true, and how about that memorable day in April when the Bairns took over Hampden in the Scottish Cup?

Q: What’s next for the partnership? 

A: Everyone is still on a high after our Invincible Championship winning season, and now we’re looking ahead to the 2024/25 season.  

“I am fortunate to see the shirts and be asked for my input well before they are revealed to the fans. Last years’ shirt with the carrot on the front will surely become an iconic shirt of the future, just as I’m hoping this years’ will be! 

“It’s difficult to put into words properly what supporting the future of a club, which has given me and countless others life-long memories, truly means. Each game and each goal scored with the Crunchy Carrots logo featured on the navy-blue shirt gives me a real sense of personal pride. Seeing the carrot everywhere is a brilliant reminder of that special connection. 

“Like I say, our involvement with the Club has always represented something beyond financial support. For example, we took great pride in rebuilding the football club’s digital presence last year with a new website, enhancing their outreach, and being a true partner of Falkirk FC. Our collaboration has been seamless; a true partnership in every sense, and we are excited to see what the future brings.

Falkirk Football Club CEO, Jamie Swinney, added to Scott’s comments on the partnership:

“We have enjoyed a tremendous relationship with Crunchy Carrots since the inception of the partnership, their support means so much to everyone at the club.  

“Commercial revenue continues to be a hugely important part of our income, accounting for 17% of our turnover this season, with Crunchy Carrots the largest contributors as our principal partner.  

“Scott and his team bring immense passion, as well as unwavering support and a welcome cheeky sense of humour! Everyone at the club is proud of our partnership with Crunchy Carrots – they are now synonymous with our club and a huge part of our club’s proud history after our invincible season. This year is sure to be exciting and challenging in equal measure, and we’re looking forward to taking the carrot with us on the journey.”




Based in Falkirk, Crunchy Carrots deliver digital marketing for successful business including web design, branding, social media, and visual media. Visit our partners website HERE to learn more about them.

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