Our People

The People Behind The Scenes

Board Of Directors

Gordon Wright, Keith Gourlay, Kenny Jamieson, Nigel Serafini, Tom Angus

E: board@falkirkfc.co.uk


Jamie Swinney
Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 221)
E: jamie.swinney@falkirkfc.co.uk

Commercial & Marketing

Graeme Stewart, Commercial Manager

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 218)
E: graeme.stewart@falkirkfc.co.uk

Graham Carbis, Commercial Executive

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 219)
E: graham.carbis@falkirkfc.co.uk

Paddy Hainey, Commercial Executive

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 100)
E: paddy.hainey@falkirkfc.co.uk

Retail, Ticketing & Hospitality

Laura Craig, Supporter Services Manager

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 204)
E: laura@falkirkfc.co.uk

Joanne Houghton, Supporter Services Assistant

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 210)
E: joanne.houghton@falkirkfc.co.uk


Adam Ouakli, Media and Communications Officer

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 230)
E: media@falkirkfc.co.uk

Andrew Macleod, Media and Communications Officer

Tel: 07712173667
E: media@falkirkfc.co.uk


Keith Hogg, Operations Manager/Match Safety Officer

Tel: 01324 624121 (ext 231)
E: keith.hogg@falkirkfc.co.uk


Kevin Beattie, Supporter Liaison Officer

E: slo@falkirkfc.co.uk

Kenny McDonald, Disability Access Officer

E: DAO@falkirkfc.co.uk

Alan Dick, Safeguarding Officer 

E: safeguarding@falkirkfc.co.uk
T: 07795958592

Keith Gourlay, Director (with CWP Responsibility)

E: keith.gourlay@falkirkfc.co.uk